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Ultimate Adventure Snowminds Tee (100% Merino Wool) - Black - Unisex

As low as €73.33

Ssshhh... we will let you in on a secret. This tee is made of the same material as our Merino underwear. 

We use this tee for daily wear, for skiing and just being active in general. You will NOT regret buying this tee. Once you go Merino, you will not go back.

Besides being ridiculously good looking this 100% merino wool tee actually holds a bunch advantages against normal cotton t-shirts. It's thin, light and will effectively keep you perfectly tempered no matter the weather conditions. It will also work perfectly as a technical undewear for skiing and snowboarding. And the best thing about the merino wool t-shirt is that you basically won't have to wash it. Merino wool doesn't smell. It's like magic.


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SKU SM1077
Brand Snowminds
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More Information
Brand Snowminds